All Goodyear built FG-1D's were received in the overall Glossy Sea Blue (Fs.15042) scheme.  From available pictures, most do not appear to have had the N.s. Sea Blue (Fs.35042) anti-glare panel on the upper  cowls as applied to the Vought built F4U-1D's.

On assembly at Los Negros, the aircraft would have had the RNZAF Blue/White/Blue (Fs.35056) roundels added (painted directly over the existing 'Star and bar' on the Port upper and Starboard lower and both sides of the fuselage) and similar white barred roundels added to the Port lower, and Starboard upper wings. The border to these was usually painted in the same colour as the roundel. The fuselage roundels also received an outer ring in Orange/Yellow. Serials were Black.  A narrow RNZAF type fin flash was added in either Fs.35044 Insignia Blue or Fs.35056 RNZAF Roundel Blue/White/Fs.30116 Insignia Red. 

When the 24 aircraft were prepared for service in Japan, the wartime roundels were roughly overpainted in what appears to have been N.s Sea Blue (F.s.35042) to match the faded Glossy Sea Blue.  Over these were added RAF 'Aii' type roundels in Blue (approx. Fs.15180) White and Red (approx. Fs.12199)  The narrow fin flashes were retained.

Serials on all but one aircraft (NZ5617) were added in White.  The last two of the serial were added in White to the undercarriage covers.  Propellor domes were initially Insignia Black.  Undercarriage legs also appear to be either Glossy Sea Blue, or Silver lacquer.  Outer face of wheels was unpainted magnesium alloy, and inners were Glossy Sea Blue.



Sometime after their arrival in Japan, the last two of the serial were added to the tail fin in White, and several aircraft had names applied to the upper engine cowls in Orange/Yellow.  Known were:

NZ5617 "VERNA"

NZ5625 "CAROL"


NZ5659 "DORIS"


NZ563? "KATHLEEN" (possibly NZ5632)

NZ5617 also had her serials repainted in White.  Several also appear to have had the prop domes painted in Orange/Yellow.

As is usual, for 24 aircraft that were supposedly painted in the same place, and at the same time, photographic evidence shows many variations of the proscribed scheme!

Other than NZ5617's Black serials, there was one other variation which appears to have been effected in Japan. In 1948, NZ5632 was photographed at Bofu with type 'C' roundels painted over the 'Aii' type on the wings, 'C1' type on the fuselage, and a wide, unequal fin flash applied. Prop dome appears to be Orange/Yellow.