A Tribute to the RNZAF's Servicing Units in the 

Pacific Islands.

The unsung heroes of the Pacific War.



The following pages have been generously supplied by the sons or friends of those featured.

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Unlike the pilots and administration staff of the New Zealand squadrons, the servicing personnel did an average tour of over one year with their units, and many did two or more tours in the operational area.

Initially they were part of the squadrons, but by late 1943, due to a shortage of manpower, firstly Maintenance Units (M.U.), then Servicing Units (S.U.) were formed who actually 'owned' the aircraft, and supplied them as required to the attached squadrons for operations.

For an excellent overview of how this evolved and was set up, see http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/tei-WH2AirF-c12-1.html


John Armitage's pages. No.15 Squadron Seagrove, Whenuapai, Tonga, Fiji  and Guadalcanal, and No.2 Fighter Maintenance Unit (No. 2FMU) Guadalcanal.

Laurie Hamlet's pages (via Don Armitage)  As above .  

Roy Tucker's pages (via his son Graeme). No.4 Repair Depot, Espiritu Santo and Guadalcanal. 

Coming soon: Harry Duncan's pages (Via his son).

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