Roy Tucker's photos

From Santo and Guadalcanal.



Corporals of 4 RD.jpg

The Corporals of No.4 Repair Depot at Espirito Santo. Many of them returned to New Zealand after their training with the US Navy to form the nucleus of No.25 and No.30 Squadron's servicing crews.



One of the RNZAF's first C-47 Dakotas being unloaded at Santo, 1943.  Colours are O.D. and Neutral Gray.

Serials on Chev trucks are MT 434 and MT 1563



Servicing Hudsons from one of the GR Squadrons at Santo, 1943.



Bombing-up Hudsons at Santo, 1943



Servicing a Hudson with nose art at Santo, 1943.



A close-up of the nose art on the Hudson above. 'Bashful', one of the 7 Dwarves from Disney's 'Snow White' holding a bomb. Unfortunately, I don't have colour information or the aircraft's serial to go with it!



A P-40 being serviced at what appears to be Guadalcanal. Not a great pic, but interesting.



Original detachment of No.4 Repair Depot at Kukum, Guadalcanal, July 1943.

Rear Row L>R: V.L.V. Crawshay, D.A. Deverill, R.P. Kensington, H. Dickens, A.E. Hall, R.A. Skerton.

Middle Row: J.G. Gilligan, K.A. Baker, A. Cartmer, T.W. Torrens, George Kemp, G. Thomas.

Front Row: N.E. Commerfield, R. James, W. Redwood, Southern Collidge, Roy Tucker, R.W. Scott (USA), A.J. Stanton, A.J. MacDonald.

(Not in the photo is "Johny" (TRADER) Johnson who took the photo with the camera belonging to R.W. Scott.)



Original and new arrivals at No.4 Repair Depot, Kukum, Guadalcanal, July 1943.



Part of the RNZAF camp at Kukum.  The obligatory universal Jeep in the foreground!



Tent mates at Kukum.



Seaside views at Kukum.



'Darky' Commerfield hard at work at Kukum, 1943.



Lockheed PV-1 Ventura NZ4517 being towed from Henderson Field to Kukum for repairs. It was the first of the RNZAF's Venturas to suffer damage from enemy action.




A repaired PV-1 and fitters and riggers of No.4 RD at Kukum, 1944.



The 'Wings' depot at Kukum.  Once again, not a great photo, but full of interest.  Probably in 1944 as the wing in the foreground appears to be from a Corsair.


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